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What bands are trying to tell you!!

  • Mötley Crüe:

    When they get high, they get high on speed

  • AC/DC:

    They hit the sack, they've been too long, and their glad to be back

  • Led Zeppelin:

    We've got the love they need, maybe more than enough

  • Quiet Riot:

    They'll get wild wild wild

  • Whitesnake:

    They know what it means, to walk alone the lonely street of dreams

  • Night Ranger:

    They know those boys don't wanna play no more with us

  • Metallica:

    Anywhere they lay their head is home

  • Ozzy Osbourne:

    Randy thinks he's crazy, he never saw inside his head

  • Skid Row:

    We will always be their dream come true

  • Iron Maiden:

    They're not prisoners, they are free men!

  • Guns N' Roses:

    Wanna watch people bleed

  • Warrant:

    They swing it where they want

  • Ratt:

    Out on the street, that's where they meet

  • Poison:

    They gotta get a break from same old same old

  • Def Leppard:

    They've got the power, got the glory, just say you need it, and if you need it say yeah!

  • Dokken:

    Their standing in the night alone, forever, together.

  • Slaughter:

    Their up all night and sleep all day!

  • Megadeth:

    They don't remember where they were, they realized life was a game

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